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MAJOR GIFT BENEFACTOR $2000: Capri Membership - Donor Party Invitations - Recognition as Benefactor - 20 Capri passes

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Thirty-five years ago, the Capri Community Film Society officially came into being.

In February of 1983 the Society was incorporated and the organizers set the foundations of the institution we have today.  By April of that year they were raising money. By July, they were presenting free screenings of The Philadelphia Story, The 400 Blows, Bringing Up Baby, 8 1/2 and Casablanca. And by September they were ready to go pro and start selling tickets.

But first, there was the opening Gala. Because even in those days of unbridled optimism, the first board president explained, “We don’t feel like we’ll be able to operate on ticket sales alone.”

And for thirty-five years that’s how it has been.

Through over 1600 weekly features, hundreds of special shows, children’s shows, rentals, festivals, concerts and controversies, we still cannot operate on ticket sales alone.

Through thirty-five years of broken pipes, falling ceilings, leaky roofs, auditorium floods, equipment purchases, building purchases, digital conversions and new seats, we still can’t operate on ticket sales alone.

And for thirty-five years the members of the Capri Community Film Society have supported the mission, set forth in those 1983 Articles of Incorporation, to “encourage and develop public appreciation and understanding of American and foreign films…” and “strive to preserve the Capri Theatre building in Montgomery, Alabama, as a movie theatre.”

So as we have so many times before, we come to you with our annual Major Gifts Campaign.

Every year we ask the members of the Capri Community Film Society to help meet the operating expenses of the Capri Theatre. These funds pay for the necessary things ticket sales do not. Necessary things like building maintenance, equipment, insurance, electricity and the salaries of our dedicated staff.

On average, tickets, memberships and concessions represent about 40% of the Capri's income. The rest is support from members such as yourself, who give extra to help preserve this Montgomery landmark as an operating and functioning movie theatre - now the longest continually operating movie theatre in Alabama.

As always, we appreciate whatever you can donate to help sustain the Capri Theatre. Your contribution to the annual Major Gifts Campaign will help keep the Capri Theatre an important and vital part of Montgomery.

Since 1941 the Capri Theatre has been at the heart of Old Cloverdale, serving as a community anchor for generations. For nearly half of that time the Capri Community Film Society has maintained this neighborhood fixture as a service to the people of Montgomery – and people everywhere in Alabama. As we face the latest challenges of the motion picture industry we are grateful for the all of the support which has made the Capri a treasured part of our community.


Todd Kirk

Capri Community Film Society