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#GIVE37   We're almost there! 

If 1,000 Roxy Fans give just $37 each, we will meet our goal by the end of the summer. Together, we can make history and complete the Roxy Re-Deco project.

Thanks  a  1,000!

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We’ve just completed the first major phase of Re-Deco with a beautiful new Ticket Booth. The historic restoration of The Roxy, built in 1937, is re-creating an iconic Art Deco facade. Throughout the Re-Deco project, the nearly 80 year history of our theater is evoked and thoughtfully integrated with new design elements. A fresh coat of paint is coming and more updated amenities inside.With the first phase now complete,  this summer we will focus on a custom fabricated neon marquee, soffit and lighting elements.


It’s thrilling to see the new Roxy take shape. We’ve restored our historic neighborhood theater to connect all the excitement and community events in the theater to the outside. In the past few years new film offerings, educational programs, festivals and community events have revived the theater inside. When we celebrate 80 years on September 24, 2017, The Roxy will bring 2,000 screenings yearly and serve 3,000 children through the Roxy Film Academy. All with more inviting and accessible spaces for you and all visitors to Missoula.


Thank you for your support and for helping to make our community so inspiring. Join us for a show, a great film, kids’ film premier or for a community event that is important to you. We have a fantastic film, education and community program planned throughout the summer and for the next 80 years! We're always saving you a seat at your community cinema.