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Saturday, Apr 21, 2012 10:00 AM
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Students who attend class no. 3 will continue building incremental knowledge needed to either start their first screenplay, or continue building their craft. This session will also welcome new students with standalone material that doesn’t require attendance of the first two classes as a pre-requisite or to fully understand and appreciate what will be offered in this session.

In-class warm-up & workshop:

  •  Students who attended class no. 2 and return with their completed assignment (character bios) will receive in-class review and feedback

The craft of screenwriting will then be broken down, examined and demonstrated in this session, covering the following key formatting elements of screenwriting mechanics:

  • General rules from sluglines to capitalization
  • Structure of a scene
  • Dialogue formatting
  • Standard delivery formats of a screenplay

Hand-outs will be provided to illustrate examples of points discussed in class. Film-specific references will also be made in class.

Assignment for Class No. 4: Write a 2-page scene. Students who submit assignment (2 pages max.) to instructor via email by 5/11/12 will receive comments on their work by the next class. The instructor will provide direct feedback to each student in lieu of holding an in-class workshop component in class no. 4.