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The entire Screenwriting 101 Series is designed to give new writers the guidance and direction they need to understand the starter elements to writing a screenplay and the know-how to then go off upon completion of the class to finish a script. While the immediate aim of the class itself is for students to write the first 10 script pages, it is important to have an ultimate goal in sight as to what their options are once they do finish their full screenplays. This class will be relevant as a standalone lecture or a conclusion for students who attended previous sessions as to what they should look to achieve once a first draft of their scripts are finished.

Highlights of what will be covered follow:

  • Collecting peer feedback – how to interpret notes received on peer or professional reviews/consultations and determine when to make changes
  • Writing is rewriting – how to maintain the energy and excitement level and putting a process and timeline in place for revisions for the second draft

Students will also receive guidance to help them:

  • Recognize when their screenplays need further work
  • Determine when their scripts are truly ready to be sent out to the industry

Hands outs for reading outside of class will be provided to also help guide students on:

  • How to ‘qualify’ or have their work recognized by selecting contests/competitions they may consider submitting it to
  • How to find resources for targeting agents, production companies and managers relevant to the genre or specific story your script tells
  • Tips for writing query letters and networking in the industry

Assignment for Class No. 5:  Students should write the first 10 pages of their screenplays.