Raise the Roof

USA | 2015 | 85 min | Presented by Ellen Donner
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Film Info
Release Year:2015
Film Type:Documentary Feature
Production Country:USA
Director:Yari Wolinsky


STARTS AT 10:00AM - Rivaling the greatest wooden architecture in history, the synagogues of 18th-century Poland inspired artists Rick and Laura Brown to embark on a 10-year pursuit to reconstruct the elaborate roof and painted ceiling of the Gwozdziec synagogue, destroyed by Nazis in World War II. Leading more than 300 students and professionals from 16 countries, the Browns grapple with warped timbers, tricky paints, and period hand tools in pursuit of recovering a lost world. (USA, 2015, 85 min.)

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Expected: Director Yari Wolinsky and Producer Cary Wolinsky