Living With Coyote & Wild Canada: The Eternal Frontier
  • Living With Coyote
  • Wild Canada - Ep. 1: The Eternal Frontier
The Roxy Theater Screen 2Sat, Apr 23, 2016 11:15 AM Event Date Passed
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Series:39th International Wildlife Film Festival
Hosted By:International Wildlife Film Festival

Living With Coyote
Coyotes can quickly adapt to their ever-changing surroundings, but have humans adapted to their wild neighbors? Living With Coyote explores the relationship between man and wild through urban and rural landscapes of the American West and the people who choose to be actively involved in the hunt for coexistence.

Wild Canada - Ep. 1: The Eternal Frontier
In 1497, the Italian navigator and explorer Giovanni Caboto – maybe better known under his English name John Cabot – was attempting to find a new trade route to China. Instead, he and his companions arrived at the east coast of North America – and became the first Europeans since the Vikings to lay claim to this ‘New found land’.

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Living With Coyote (18min) More
Wild Canada - Ep. 1: The Eternal Frontier (52min) More