Ulin & Unnatural Selection

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  • Unnatural Selection Unnatural Selection


The Roxy Theater Screen 1 Sat, Apr 23, 2016 1:00 PM
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Series:39th International Wildlife Film Festival
Hosted By:International Wildlife Film Festival


Over the past half century, the ancient lowland forests of Borneo have been destroyed at an unprecedented rate. One indigenous Dayak community has clung on to an incredible hotspot of biodiversity – a bastion of endangered ulin trees – solely, it believes, by the power of a curse.

Unnatural Selection
The wings of cliff swallows in Nebraska are getting shorter while turtles in Chesapeake Bay are getting larger. On the Galapagos Islands, different species are collapsing back into one. What has happened to evolution? The answer is very simple: us. Humans have transformed the planet beyond recognition – turning grasslands and forests into fields and cities and polluting air and water. And all of these changes have altered the course of evolution, often in surprising ways.

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Ulin (17min) More
Unnatural Selection (53min) More