Paterson | 118mins |
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Film Info
Release Year:2016
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Adam Driver
Golshifteh Farahani
Director:Jim Jarmusch
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Paterson (Driver) is a bus driver (insert pun about Driver's name here) who has a quiet life that to most people, would seem dull and unfulfilling. Paterson, however, sees the poetry of it all and even writes poetry in stolen moments in his notebook. He has the support of his wife, who finally convinces him to at least make copies of his poetry, if not publish.

It turns out, he doesn't have the support of his wife's dog, who shows the notebook the meaning of mortality.

But an unexpected meeting with a mysterious stranger may change everything.

From director Jim Jarmusch, who brought us everything from Down by Law to The Only Lovers Left Alive.