Finding Fontinalis
40th IWFF
The Roxy Theater Screen 1Sun, Apr 16 1:00 PM
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Film Info
Series:40th International Wildlife Film Festival
Run Time:70min
Release Year:2017
Hosted By:Filmmaker Travis Lowe in attendance.
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Travis Lowe
Finding Fontinalis
In the summer of 1915, John William Cook disappeared into the vast boreal forests of northern Ontario. 7 days later, he emerged from the legendary Nipigon River with the largest brook trout the world had ever seen. Cook’s world record Brookie weighed in at exactly 14.5-lbs and measured 31 and a half inches with a girth of 23 inches. Word soon spread of Cook’s monster brook trout and the angling world took notice. Cook’s fish instantly garnered a legendary, almost mythical status and to this day remains one of the longest standing angling record in existence. But the Nipigon legend was not without controversy. Some said Cook didn’t take the fish on the fly, some said it was one of Cook’s guides who caught the fish, some even said Cook’s world record Brook Trout was no Brook Trout at all. Regardless, a century later the world record for brook trout remains unchanged, but the legendary Nipigon has not. Only three short years later in 1918 a succession of devastating hydroelectric dams were constructed on the river, culminating in 1950 with the Pine Portage Dam. Which raised the water level on the Nipigon by 100ft. and flooded 10 miles of white water, rapids and waterfalls, forever changing the best brook trout fishery the world has ever known. 100 hundred years later, 4 anglers disappeared into the Lenga forests of Argentina. Fueled by rumor, and an old gaucho’s tale, that tells of “el lugar con el pescado rojo grande” or the place with the big red fish. “Fly Fishing photographer Bryan Gregson and Director of Fishing for Patagonia, Bart Bonime along with Las Pampas Lodge owner Agustin Fox, invite iconic environmentalist and avid angler Yvon Chouinard, to descend upon the Chubut province of Argentina in search of a possible new world record brook trout.” “El lugar con el pescado rojo grande” is a remote, uncharted watershed of Argentina, rumored to possibly produce the next world record Brook Trout. But Agustin Fox has larger designs than just a new world record Brook Trout. Fox’s vision is to see the entire area conserved and protected, perhaps as the world’s first National Fly Fishing Park. His plan is to enlist the help of Patagonia founder and Conservacion Patagonica board member Yvon Chouinard, in order to achieve his dream” Fly Fishing filmmaker Travis Lowe joins the journey in order to document the area and adventure, in hopes that a film will raise awareness and funds to save this fragile fishery. Ultimately, what the group finds at “el lugar con el pescado rojo grande” is more important than any angling record could ever be and eventually becomes the impetus to attempt to conserve and project one of the world’s last remaining world class brook trout fisheries.