Namibia's Desert Kingdom
40th IWFF
  • Death of a Giant
  • Wild Seve
The Roxy Theater Screen 2Wed, Apr 19 4:00 PM
Namibia's Desert Kingdom showing with Death of a Giant and Wild Seve.
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Film Info
Series:40th International Wildlife Film Festival
Run Time:5min + 12min + 53min
Release Year:2017
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Martyn Colbeck
Mike Birkhead

Namibia's Desert Kingdom(53min) showing with Death of a Giant(5min) and Wild Seve(12min).

Death of a Giant
Death of a Giant documents the aftermath of the killing of an elephant with two young calves.

Wild Seve
Every year, in the villages surrounding the Bandipur and Nagarhole Tiger Reserves in the Indian state of Karnataka, wild animals raid hundreds of farms and kill livestock. Agriculture being the only occupation of the people in these parts, the villagers retaliate by chasing away or sometimes even killing the elephants, leopards and tigers. These incidents have spiked in recent years, owing to the increase in human numbers and fragmentation of once contiguous forests. There is a solution in place to deal with these situations, where monetary compensation is awarded to the people who have lost crop or livestock. But the cumbersome process of applying for this compensation has put people off and wildlife continues to bear the brunt of the retaliations.This film gives a voice to these people, people that wake up to the sound of an elephant tearing their house down or a leopard carrying their goat away. We see how their acts of desperation to save their crop and livestock cause injury and death to wildlife and sometimes even themselves. Ultimately, we find a little hope in the form of Wild Seve (in service of wildlife), a small group of dedicated people working tirelessly to speed up the process of compensation, and to make it easily accessible to all. We find out how a simple idea, executed with perseverance and the determination to make a difference, can go a long way in mitigating human-animal conflict.

Namibia's Desert Kingdom
Dust and dunes, sun and sand: the parched landscapes of Namibia in southwest Africa are extreme in every way. This Terra Mater Factual Studios production tells the fascinating story of how the largest animals on our planet survive in the oldest and most inhospitable desert on earth. Ephemeral rivers support a stunning diversity of mega fauna in Namibia’s arid areas: elephants as well as giraffes, baboons, antelopes and lions. Spectacular aerials and a fantastic scenery, amazing animal behaviour and stunning timelapse sequences, impressive images and an exciting narrative – this is Namibia’s Desert Kingdom.

Included Shorts
Death of a Giant (5min) 40th IWFF More
Wild Seve (12min) 40th IWFF More