Operation Whale
40th IWFF
  • Rivers Run Through Me
  • Rangers of the Reef
The Roxy Theater Screen 2Thu, Apr 20 4:00 PM
Operation Whale showing with A River Runs Through Me and Rangers of the Reef.
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Film Info
Series:40th International Wildlife Film Festival
Rating:This film may contain scenes not suitable for young audiences. Parental discretion advised.
Run Time:7min + 14min + 46min
Release Year:2017
Hosted By:Filmmaker Sarah Cunliffe in attendance.
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Sarah Cunliffe

Operation Whale(46min) showing with A River Runs Through Me(7min) and Rangers of the Reef(14min).

A River Runs Through Me
Stories from people who are connected to the river.

Rangers of the Reef
A group of dedicated local rangers in Raja Ampat, Indonesia work to protect the world's most biodiverse marine ecosystem from the threats of illegal and destructive fishing. "Rangers of the Reef" is their story.

Operation Whale
In this spectacular 2-part series Ben Fogle and Ellie Harrison go in search of Britain’s whales and sharks. More than 25 kinds of whales and dolphins and over 30 different sharks either visit or live in UK waters. Off the coast of Ireland, Ben comes face to face with a pod of humpbacks, but sharks are much harder to find. Teaming up with scientists they head out to sea with the world's biggest shark bait; the body of a 9-metre whale. Will their ambitious operation succeed? In program 2, Britain’s Sharks (submitted) they return the body of a humpback whale to the sea and reveal, for the first time in UK waters, how the death of these marine giants can trigger the biggest ever feeding event in the ocean. Diving with 3 metre blue sharks they witness the greatest gathering of sharks ever seen in UK waters. This series was one of the most challenging productions we have ever made. We waited 18 months for the whale to appear. Logistics were extremely complicated and the project involved the approvals of more than 20 authorities from the Receiver of Wrecks onwards. The project was a scientific collaboration with Plymouth University and the UK Shark Trust. The series gives an enchanting look at the UK’s visitors, profiling 8 kinds of sharks, 6 whales and 5 of our more exotic creatures like swordfish and leatherback turtles.

Included Shorts
Rivers Run Through Me (7min) 40th IWFF More
Rangers of the Reef (14min) 40th IWFF More