Voices of Fire
40th IWFF
  • Visions of an Island
  • Our Last Refuge
The Roxy Theater Screen 1Sat, Apr 22 11:00 AM
Voices on Fire showing with Visions of an Island and Our Last Refuge.
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Film Info
Series:3 new films from land, sea & The Blackfeet Nation
Run Time:15min + 25min + 25min
Release Year:2017
Hosted By:Filmmaker Hugo Sindelar in attendance.
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Hugo Sindelar

Voices on Fire(25min) showing with Visions of an Island(15min) and Our Last Refuge(25min).

Visions of an Island
Situated on a tranquil island in the centre of the Bering Sea, a visitor captures the poetic reflections of an Unangam Tunuu elder on landscape, fauna and youth through a collection of magical, dreamlike imagery.

Our Last Refuge
A film about the Blackfeet Nation’s fight to protect the wild and sacred Badger-Two Medicine from industrial development.

Voices of Fire
Voices of Fire is a 25 minute film exploring the role of wildfires on the Western landscape. How will the ranchers and the ecosystem rebound from this tragedy and what can be done to prevent another Soda Fire in the future? The goal is to use the Soda Fire as a case study to discuss how to manage and prevent future wildfires in the area. Hugo Sindelar. Filmmaker in attendance

Included Shorts
Visions of an Island (15min) 40th IWFF More
Our Last Refuge (25min) 40th IWFF More