The Year of the Wildebeests
40th IWFF
The Roxy Theater Screen 2Sun, Apr 16 1:30 PM
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Film Info
Series:40th International Wildlife Film Festival
Run Time:60 min
Release Year:2017
Cast/Crew Info
Producer:Alan Root Retrospective
Alan Root Retrospective
This year IWFF honors legendary filmmaker Alan Root. Alan has produced, directed and filmed over 70 wildlife documentaries. Alan married animal enthusiast Joan Thorpe in 1961 and the couple created a formidable filmmaking partnership, releasing an array of award-winning wildlife films over the next twenty years. Famous for their innovative cinematography techniques, the couple captured the pounding energy of a thundering wildebeest herd in their 1974 production, The Year of the Wildebeest, by placing cameras at ground level and protecting them with tortoise shells and Mysterious Castles of Clay in 1978 earned the pair an Oscar nomination. He was part of the camera team that filmed the essential Gorillas In the Mist and has mentored many now famous documentarians over the years. As an essential godfather of the wildlife documentary IWFF is very pleased to present a few of his best works and honor him with the IWFF Founder's Award in 2017.