Caviar Dreams
40th IWFF
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Returning Kingfisher
The Roxy Theater Screen 2Mon, Apr 17 4:00 PM
Returning Kingfisher showing with Wild Next Door, Caviar Dream, & Think Like A Scientist
Follow the lives of kingfishers as they hunt and nest along the Scheldt-Rhine Canal, the busiest shipping canal in the world.
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Film Info
Series:40th International Wildlife Film Festival
Run Time:15 min
Release Year:2017
Sponsored By:Good Food Store
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Director:Caviar Dreams
Over the centuries caviar was strictly reserved for Russian Czars and royalty throughout the world. Nowadays it’s become synonymous with wealth, fame, and indulgence. But why is that? What's so special about caviar? "Caviar Dreams" delves into the complex world of caviar, weaving a tapestry of caviar tales that leaves you knowing more than you ever thought possible about this unique delicacy. Beyond the assumed glamour and luxury associated with caviar, we uncover a story about over-fishing, poaching, near extinction, and a quest for sustainability.