40th IWFF
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Short Films 2: Blue Planet
The Roxy Theater Screen 1Fri, Apr 21 3:45 PM
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Film Info
Series:40th International Wildlife Film Festival
Run Time:12 min
Release Year:2017
Hosted By:Filmmaker Kori Price in attendance.
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Jeremy Roberts
In the immortal words of fly fishing luminary Tim Romano, a steelhead is “a trout that lives in the ocean … it’s a bad-ass fish.” Back in September, six intrepid anglers - Tom Rosenbauer, Kate Taylor, Dylan Tomine, Hannah Belford, Todd Tanner and Tim Romano - hooked up on a remote North American steelhead river known for its incredible scenic beauty and fantastic fishing. CHROME condenses their five-day adventure into eleven epic minutes. It also examines the looming threat that climate change and ocean acidification pose to our steelhead & salmon.