The Last Rhinos
40th IWFF
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The Hunt: Nowhere to Hide
The Roxy Theater Screen 1Sat, Apr 22 12:30 PM
The Hunt: Nowhere to Hide showing with Eeya, The Rhino Guardians, The Last Rhinos.
In the deserts and grasslands, predators hone their strategies to hunt their targets, but the prey are also doing their best to outsmart their pursuers.
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Series:40th International Wildlife Film Festival
Run Time:9min
Release Year:2017
Sponsored By:Space for Giants
John Hume owns 5 percent of the world's rhinos. Last year, he sued the South African government to legalize the sale of rhino horn. The case reached South Africa's equivalent of the Supreme Court this summer. In a nation that's home to 70 percent of Earth's rhinos, this is a question of what conservation is in the 21st century. Could selling horn, the very part that rhinos are killed for, actually save the population?