The Rhino Guardians
40th IWFF
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The Hunt: Nowhere to Hide
The Roxy Theater Screen 1Sat, Apr 22 12:30 PM
The Hunt: Nowhere to Hide showing with Eeya, The Rhino Guardians, The Last Rhinos.
In the deserts and grasslands, predators hone their strategies to hunt their targets, but the prey are also doing their best to outsmart their pursuers.
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Film Info
Series:40th International Wildlife Film Festival
Run Time:6min
Release Year:2017
Sponsored By:Space for Giants
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Dan Sadgrove
In 2016 Dan Sadgrove travelled to South Africa to visit The Black Mambas - the worlds first all female anti-poaching unit operating in the Balule Game Reserve in South Africa. Coming from disadvantaged communities and breaking strong patriarchal tradition, these courageous women focus on eliminating illegal wildlife trade through conservation, education and the protection of wildlife, helping to ensure the long term survival of threatened and endangered species in the area. Each day they patrol up to 20km, unarmed, looking for poachers, wire-snares, and break-ins along the fence line. Their lives are at constant risk from poachers and the dangerous wildlife they protect