Think Like A Scientist: Boundaries
40th IWFF
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Returning Kingfisher
The Roxy Theater Screen 2Mon, Apr 17 4:00 PM
Returning Kingfisher showing with Wild Next Door, Caviar Dream, & Think Like A Scientist
Follow the lives of kingfishers as they hunt and nest along the Scheldt-Rhine Canal, the busiest shipping canal in the world.
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Series:40th International Wildlife Film Festival
Run Time:7min
Release Year:2017
Hosted By:Filmmaker Kori Price in attendance.
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Director:Kori Price
Humans construct boundaries -- around our homes, our neighborhoods, and our nations -- to bring order to a chaotic world. But we rarely consider how these boundaries affect other creatures. In this episode of Think Like A Scientist, we meet conservation photographer Krista Schlyer, who has spent the last seven years documenting the environmental effects of the U.S./Mexico border wall, and biologist Jon Beckmann, who studies how man-made barriers influence the movement of wildlife. Schlyer and Beckmann have seen damaging impacts of the border wall firsthand, but they remain optimistic. Humans probably won't stop constructing walls and fences any time soon, but planning our boundaries with wildlife in mind can help prevent these structures from causing environmental harm.