The Last Word
The Last Word | 108mins |
Film Info
Release Year:2017
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Shirley MacLaine
Amanda Seyfried
Ann Jewel
Lee Dixon
Director:Mark Pellington
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Harriet is a retired, successful businesswoman with a penchant for controlling everything around her. And you can trust her on either of those, because she has a plan to write her own obituary to ensure her version of the truth is preserved. And she's already paid to have it put in the paper.

Enter Anne, who writes the obituaries at the paper and decides to fact-check Harriet's. What she finds is Harriet has taken artistic license in her portrayal. Harriet might say she's the nicest lady on the block, but everyone else's testimonies lead Anne to conclude, "She puts the 'bitch' in 'obituary.'"

With strong performances by the cast, including Shirley MacLaine and a fantastic soundtrack, The Last Word serves as a guide of dos and don'ts for how you want to be remembered. Just a note - sometimes, the truth isn't as scary as you - or Harriet - might think.