Frantz | 113mins | French with English Subtitles
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Film Info
Release Year:2017
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Pierre Niney
Paula Beer
Ernst Stštzner
Director:Franois Ozon
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Frantz is dead.

WWI is over, and Anna visits her fiance Frantz's grave every day. Soon, she isn't the only one visiting - Adrian, a Frenchman, also takes to visiting. This is a problem, since Frantz's grave is in Germany, and the small town is still reeling from Germany's defeat and distrusts Adrian on sight.

Anna, though, is willing to talk to Adrian and get to know him, because Adrian knew Frantz from before the War, when they were in Paris together.

With beautiful cinematography and skilled performances, Frantz is a film about grief, survivor's guilt, acceptance, understanding, and the strength to live again.