A Quiet Passion
A Quiet Passion | 125mins |
Capri TheatreSun, Jun 3, 1888 5:00 PM Event Date Passed
Capri TheatreMon, Jun 4, 1888 5:00 PM Event Date Passed
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Release Year:2017
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Cynthia Nixon
Jennifer Ehle
Duncan Duff
Keith Carradine
Director:Terence Davis
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Emily Dickinson was a poet who wasn't widely lauded as a genius until her poetry was collected and published after her death. In her own lifetime, she preferred to publish anonymously in the newspaper, and to live quietly surrounded by close friends and family. Nothing much happens, except perhaps trying to best the neighbors with witty one-liners and poke fun at the pomposity around her.

As much as Emily might want something more from life, such as the reverend who doesn't return her affections, she doesn't dare try to break from the many mores that control her situation. And so, as she feels more and more repressed, her poetry allows her a freedom she can't otherwise embrace.