The Journey
The Journey | 94mins |
Film Info
Release Year:2017
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Colm Meaney
Timothy Spall John Hurt
Director:Nick Hamm
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The Troubles were long over, but the politics continued.
In 2006, the British, Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic were in multi-party talks to begin the devolution of power in the region. Representing the Demoratic Unionist Party (the DUP, recently in the news) was its founder and leader, Ian Paisley. Representing the Republic of Ireland is Sinn Féin leader and mortal enemy of the DUP, Martin McGuinness. Two men who have spent nearly thirty years hoping for the other's death, yet have never met.
When says he can't stay because he needs to return to Belfast for his wedding anniversary, McGuinness insists on coming along - ostensibly because of protocol. But MI5 sees an opportunity and plants a spy as their driver, hoping to manipulate the men into talking to each other,
Two wonderful actors, Timothy Spall and Colm Meany take us on a fanciful and funny trip with two enemies who are forced to work things out on their own.