A Ghost Story
A Ghost Story | 87mins |
Film Info
Release Year:2017
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Casey Affleck
Rooney Mara
McColm Cephas Jr.
Director:David Lowery
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Possibly the most original and moving love story of the year, A Ghost Story is the story of C, a man who has died but hasn't finished living. Now a white-sheeted ghost, he returns home to comfort his wife, M. Obviously, she can't see him, but there are other ways to let her know he's there. But while he clings to his life, life speeds on without him. His wife moves on, and his house gains a reputation for being haunted. C watches as new people move in and out of the house, haunting them mostly out of boredom as he tries to retrieve the note M left behind when she moved, tucked in a crack in the wall.