The Snake Brothers



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Film Info
Original Title:Kobry a užovky
Program:Czech That Film
Tags:Comedy Drama
Family Drama
Release Year:2015
Runtime:106 min
Awards:Czech Lions 2016, Best Film
Czech Lions 2016, Best Director
Czech Lions 2016, Best Actor
Czech Lions 2016, Best Supporting Actress
Czech Lions 2016, Best Supporting Actor
Country/Region:Czech Republic
Director:Jan Prušinovský
Producer:Jan Prusinovský
Ondrej Zima
Cinematographer:Petr Koblovsky
Screenwriter:Jaroslav Žvácek
Editor:Lukás Opatný
Principal Cast:Matej Hádek
Krystof Hádek
Jan Hájek
Lucie Zácková
Filmography:Trpaslík ('17)
Sunday League - Pepik Hnatek's Final Match ('12)
Frantisek je devkar ('08)
Bubble Bath Is the Best ('05)


Brothers Grass Snake and Cobra live in a small Czech town not far from Prague. Coming from a dysfunctional family, they both feel unable to build up a life to be satisfied with. Grass, who is almost forty, unemployed and still without a girl, can't escape from the shadow of his druggie and troublemaking brother Cobra.

Things seem to change for Grass Snake when he gets the opportunity to be part of a promising business and starts a relationship with the waitress of a local pub. But when Cobra and his addictions show up, Grass is on the verge of losing everything he achieved. But this time he is determined to teach his brother a life lesson he will never forget: a lesson that turns into a nightmare.


"A mordantly chaotic comedy about the thin line between unconditional love and loathing, Czech director Jan Prusinovsky’s third feature gains crackle from the casting of real-life brothers Matej and Krystof Hadek as hard-up siblings" - Variety

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