The Invincible Czars: Jekyll & Hyde

The Invincible Czars: Jekyll & Hyde | 80mins |


Capri Theatre Mon, Oct 2, 2017 7:30 PM
Film Info
Release Year:1920
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:John Barrymore
Martha Mansfield
Brandon Hurst
Director:John S. Robertson
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The Invincible Czars played the Capri Theatre in 2015 with their silent film soundtrack to Nosferatu.  Now they're hitting the road with their new tastefully modern score for Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde performing live with the film all over the South, Midwest and East Coast this in Fall 2017.

Released in 1920, the movie stars Drew Barrymore's grandfather John Barrymore as both Jekyll and Hyde.  Barrymore gives one of the most memorable performances of early film often portraying Mr. Hyde character simply with facial expressions and no makeup.  The movie is considered by many to be the first important American horror film.