The World is My Country



St. Anthony Main Theatre 3 Sat, Nov 11, 2017 4:00 PM
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General Public:$6.00
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Guest Attending:Yes
Culture & Society
Release Year:2017
Runtime:84 min
Director:Arthur Kanegis
Producer:Arthur Kanegis
Associate Producer: Melanie N. Bennett
Executive Producers: Geralyn Dreyfous
Stephen Nemeth
Charlotte Perret
Editor:Jordan Byrne
Composer:David Raiklen
Principal Cast:Garry Davis
Martin Sheen
yasiin bey


Director Arthur Kanegis Attending!

The World Is My Country is about “World Citizen #1”: Garry Davis, who spent 65 years of his life as a citizen of no nation, only Earth. For years he traveled around the globe on his “World Passport" while engaging in adventures so unique that his life made a front-page headline story in The New York Times and inspired stories in The Washington Post, The LA Times and other worldwide media. Hailed by Albert Einstein for “the sacrifices he has made for the well-being of humanity,” extolled by Buckminster Fuller as the “New World Man,” and egged on by Eleanor Roosevelt to start “a worldwide international government,” Garry Davis was a pioneering thinker, an author of 10 books, and founder of the World Service Authority - an organization in Washington, D.C. that issues World Passports to stateless refugees and to people who think globally, and above the nation-states that carve up our one globe.

Director's Biography

Arthur Kanegis : Arthur Kanegis is President of the nonprofit FutureWAVE, and of One Films, LLC.  He produced War Without Winners (1982) filmed by Haskell Wexler and hosted by Paul Newman. He also did nuclear war research for the ABC movie The Day After (1983) and produced a TV spot with Paul Newman that followed the movie.

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