Time for a Quickie!: 5 Quick Plays
Presented by Zoola Writers
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Film Info
Series:Presented by Zoola Writers
Run Time:120 min
Premiere Status:International Premiere
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Nathan Adkins
Writers:Rita Barkey
Cathy Capps
Shaun Gant
Leah Joki
Jay Kettering

Time for a Quickie! features five quick plays by the Zoola Writers, all directed by Nathan
Adkins, and starring an ensemble cast of local favorites: Howard Kingston, Ann Peacock,
Zach French, and Maisie Gospodarek.

The Zoola Writers have been making Missoulians laugh and think for years. Come see what
they have in store for you this time.

This 3rd Ear Production will feature:

Dreams of Rabbits, by Rita Barkey
Jerry wants to buy his granddaughter a bunny. When he meets the seller at a pub, a simple transaction becomes a tumble down a barfly’s rabbit hole. 

Gentrifuckation, by Cathy Capps
Boy meets Girl intending to use his Virtual Reality Sex App to upgrade her into his fantasy woman.

The 2nd Appointment, by Shaun Gant
It has come to our #attention that immigration might be more efficiently handled in the dentist office. Have you made your follow-up appointment? 

A Bad Play, by Leah Joki
It’s a . . . really bad play.

What’s the Big Idea? Inc., by Jay Kettering
Desperate to sell their big idea, a Public Relations team makes a do or die pitch that may literally seal their fate.

Plays contain ADULT THEMES
ADM. $15.00 / STUDENTS WITH ID $10

6:30PM AND 9:00PM
Both Friday and Saturday
Dec. 1 & 2, 2017