Ronia: The Robber's Daughter
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Film Info
Original Title:Ronja Rövardotter
Program:Special Screenings
Release Year:1984
Runtime:126 minutes
Awards:Festival Award (Amsterdam) 1986
Silberner Bär 1985
Festival Award (Berlin)
Director:Tage Danielsson
Cinematographer:Rune Ericson
Pelle Svensson
Screenwriter:Astrid Lindgren
Principal Cast:Hanna Zetterberg
Dan Håfström
Börje Ahlstedt

Ronia Returns!

Just in time for the Holidays comes the return of this classic Swedish film that has been a mainstay for Film Society members for years. Director Tage Danielsson’s spellbinding adaptation of Astrid Lindgren’s novel, which she adapted herself, is a rollicking adventure about the eponymous Ronia, daughter of the robber-chief Mattis, whose exploits will entertain your entire family.

"I saw Ronia when I was quite young... I remember feeling so cool going out with my relatives from the city to the Bell Museum of Natural History to see a Swedish film about a courageous young girl. Being Swedish myself and probably the same age as Ronia when I saw the film, you could say I connected to the character. I can not wait to see it again as an adult. Even some 15 years later, Ronia will very likely still be a role model." - Kara H.

"Each year when "Ronia time" rolled around, I would introduce new friends to the film and bring back those who had learned to love it as much as I had. Growing up Swedish in America, it was something from my otherness that I was really proud to share - an adventurous film with a female character who is strong, independent, and brave... I've been reading Harry Potter with my seven-year-old and know that he'll enjoy the magical aspect of Ronia as well. It's also one more strong woman for them to get to know which is always a very good thing." - Kerstin B.

"It's a Romeo and Juliet story... with Vikings! Ronia's reconciliation story is ideal for the season, a great movie for adults and children." - Cathy F.


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