Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade

Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade | 127mins |


Capri Theatre Thu, Jun 14, 2018 7:30 PM
Film Info
Release Year:1989
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Harrison Ford
Sean Connery
Alison Doody
Director:Steven Spielberg
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Indy is back to kick some Nazi butt, and this time, he's bringing his dad along!

Well, not quite. His dad, Henry, took a job to track down the Holy Grail and disappeared. If Indy wants to find his dad, he's going to have to hunt down the Grail, which means making an enemy of all the people who don't want the Grail found or who want it for themselves.

And, frankly, Indy might regret finding his dad. His dad, who named him "Henry Jr" and doesn't like that Indy changed his name. His dad, who is distant at best and critical as well. And the rest of the time? His dad, who can't shoot airplanes - other people's airplanes, as in, the airplanes that he and his son aren't in - as well as he thinks he can.

But nothing brings a family together like fighting Nazis, and the Joneses make it look fun.