A Crooked Somebody

Feature | NR | 102 min
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St. John's College FSK Auditorium Sat, Mar 24, 2018 7:00 PM
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Film Info
Section:Feature Narrative
Release Year:2017
Runtime:102 mins
Film Type:Feature
Production Country:USA
Director:Trevor White
Produced By:Paul Finkel
Jason Potash
Wayne L. Rogers
Tim White
Screenwriter:Andrew Zilch
Cinematographer/DP:Robert Lam
Editing By:Craig Dewey
Music By:Andrew Hewitt
Cast:Joanne Froggatt
Rich Sommer
Ed Harris
Amy Madigan
Amanda Crew
Clifton Collins Jr.


Michael Vaughn is a phony psychic medium who is kidnapped by a guilt-ridden murderer who believes Michael can help him make peace with the spirit of his dead victim. But when Michael learns that his captor's crime is a high-profile unsolved case, he devises a plan to use his secret to gain fame and fortune on a national stage. Rich Sommer (Mad Men) plays the conflicted con-artist, Joanne Froggatt (Downton Abbey) plays his level-headed partner in crime, and Ed Harris plays his disapproving pastor father. The smart writing, thoughtful directing, and intriguing ensemble cast turn this tension-filled thriller into a compelling character piece.