UNDOCUMENTED - Encore showing with Filmmakers Patricia Shih and Greg Blank, and subject Dr. Harold Fernandez in person!



Cinema Arts Centre - Cinema 1 Sun, Jul 15, 2018 6:00 PM


Encore Screening


Sunday, July 15 at 6 pm
$20 Members | $25 Public | Includes reception
Filmmakers Patricia Shih and Greg Blank, and subject Dr. Harold Fernandez in person!

This is the encore screening of the inspirational and compelling story of one man who came to the US as a 13 year-old undocumented immigrant and became a world famous cardiologist. This follows the world premiere which was held at The Cinema almost exactly 20 months prior, with two sold-out shows on the same night.
Along with his 11 year-old brother, Harold Fernandez fled Medellin, Colombia -- then considered the drug and murder capital of the world -- to join their parents who had emigrated years before. The boys traveled with adult strangers in a small boat through the treacherous Bermuda Triangle during hurricane season. Their family endured years of separation, with the parents working long hours and days for meager wages to save enough to bring their sons here. This family risked all to reach the land of their dreams.
Through hard work and perseverance, Harold struggled to learn a new language and catch up with his classmates. Triumphing through unfailing love and the indomitable courage of the human spirit, he was accepted to Princeton. But one fateful day his undocumented status was revealed there and he risked losing everything for himself and his entire family. What happened next is nothing short of inspiring. Ultimately he graduated from Harvard Medical School and is now at the top of his profession as a cardiac surgeon on Long Island.  This is the quintessential tale of the American Dream, and puts a human face on the bitter debate about immigration. (USA, 2018, 90 min., NR, English| Dir. Patricia Shih and Greg Blank)