The King

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Film Info
Release Year:2018
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Alec Baldwin
Tony Brown
James Carville
Director:Eugene Jarecki
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The King, i.e., Elvis Presley, is widely considered to be dead. And whereas some may believe reports of his death were greatly exaggerated, Eugene Jarecki believes Elvis is not only dead, but that his death is a metaphor for the decline of America.
To illustrate his point, Jarecki hops in Elvis's 1963 Rolls-Royce Phantom V and sets off on a musical road trip across the country. Along the way, musicians ride along with him to talk about Elvis's impact and on their careers, whether they're famous, like Emmylou Harris, or unheard of to anyone outside their own town, and many of them demonstrate Elvis's influence on them by giving deeply private performances.
Interspersed with the music are interviews with experts, celebrities, and fans, and clips from TV shows and movies. The result is a lively, frenetic, almost interactive documentary. If you shout something at the screen, we can't guarantee you'll get an answer back. But we can guarantee you've never seen a documentary like this before.