Boundaries | 104mins |


Capri Theatre Fri, Aug 31 5:00 PM
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Film Info
Release Year:2018
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Vera Farmiga
Christopher Plummer
Kristen Schaal
Peter Fonda
Director:Shana Feste
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estranged daughter Laura has enough problems with her bright but troubled son Henry and her dead-beat ex-husband Leonard. So when her dad needs a place to stay, she refuses, but she agrees to drive her dad down the coast to her sister JoJo. It doesn't hurt that Jack offered to pay for Henry's education if Laura just helps him out this one time.
Jack, though, has a secret. When he got kicked out of his retirement home, he wasn't the only one that needed a place to stay. He has to find a new home for $200,000 worth of pot. And Laura and Henry are going to help whether they realize it or not.
Why didn't we show this in April? Because it was released after that. Come on. Just be grateful we're giving you a family roadtrip movie with weed that isn't aimed at freshman college students.