Cinema Arts Centre - Cinema 1 Mon, Dec 31, 2018 8:50 PM


Member - $35.00 / Public - $45.00

Tickets are sold out for this year's New Years Eve reception. Please see our Calendar page if you would like to purchase a ticket just for a film on New Year's Eve.

Join us at the cinema as we welcome in the New Year. Dress up in your favorite formal attire, bring a partner or friend, and enjoy a wonderful film and the final moments of 2018!

We encourage our patrons to grab some dinner beforehand as we will be diverging from the structure of past New Year’s Eve celebrations.

On this New Year’s Eve, the Cinema Arts Centre will not be serving a full dinner. Instead, after your choice of film, we will be passing around delicious hors d'oeuvres to enjoy with your champagne, and later in the night offering a magnificently crafted celebratory cake. We would like to highlight what a great social experience our New Year’s Eve celebrations can be- so schmooze, discuss, make friends, and take part in the merriment!

After seeing the film, join the festivities in the Sky Room as we count down the seconds until the ball drops!

Starring Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Steve Carell, Sam Rockwell, and Tyler Perry

Adam McKay’s (The Big Short), hilarious but thought provoking satire about Dick Cheney’s takeover of the Bush administration

Adam McKay, acclaimed writer-director of The Big Short, turns his attention to an earlier attempt to hijack America in this scabrous comedy about Vice-President Dick Cheney’s ruthless takeover of the US government. McKay’s brilliant satire is brought to vivid life by Christian Bale’s amazing transformation into Cheney and Academy Award winner Sam Rockwell’s hilarious incarnation of George W. Bush. (USA, 2018, 111 Mins., R, English | Dir. Adam McKay)