Electric Light Orchestra: Strange Magic 1968-1981 - Music Legends Live



Cinema Arts Centre - Cinema 2 Tue, Jan 8 7:30 PM


Music Legends Live                          Educational Lecture by Bill Shelley of Shelley Archives Inc.
Electric Light Orchestra: Strange Magic 1968-1981

Tuesday, January, 8 at 7:30 P.M.

$11 Members | $16 Public | Includes reception

In 1967, when John Lennon saw The Move recording in EMI Studios in London, he went to fellow Beatles bandmate Paul McCartney and stated, ‘We’re done for, Lad!’ ”
Meanwhile, The Move had huge success throughout Europe, but no hits in America. It wasn’t until Jeff Lynne joined the group, and with Roy Wood turned the group into ELO, combining the styles of rock and classical music to create their own distinctive style. Since Jeff Lynne worshipped the Beatles’ and the collaboration they had with George Martin, Jeff studied every album closely. After experimentation with their music, ELO emerged in 1971 with a string of hits that included “Turn to Stone,” Living Thing,” “Don’t Bring Me Down, and “Mr. Blue Sky.” All of these songs and more will be part of this program. The ELO stage shows became extravaganzas with blue cellos, violins, laser lights, and a gigantic colorful spaceship that looked like a Wurlitzer jukebox (later becoming their logo and on albums) that would “land” on stage. Then the band would emerge from their spaceship.
Approx time: 100 minutes