At Eternity's Gate

At Eternity's Gate | 110mins |


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Film Info
Release Year:2018
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Willem Dafoe
Rupert Friend
Oscar Isaac
Mads Mikkelsen
Director:Julian Schnabel


Awards season buzz on this one as Willem DaFoe gets a Golden Globes nomination for Best Actor.

A more traditional biography than the last Van Gogh than Loving Vincent, and also one where he's alive for nearly the whole thing.

At Eternity's Gate focuses on the last years of Van Gogh's life as he begins his most productive period. He escapes the bureaucracy and boundaries of his Parisian artist cohorts and moves to Arles, where he is scorned by men, women, and even children. As Van Gogh fails to sell any paintings, he contemplates his and his art's place in eternity.

Crafted to mimic how Van Gogh saw the world, At Eternity's Gate is unlike any biography you've ever seen.