Dreamgirls | 130mins |


Capri Theatre Thu, Mar 14 7:30 PM
Film Info
Release Year:2006
Cast/Crew Info
Jamie Foxx
Eddie Murphy
Director:Bill Condon
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The Dreamettes - Effie, Deena, and Lorrell - are looking for their big break, and after performing in a talent show, they find it - a new manager, Curtis, who gets them a job backing up singer Jimmy "Thunder" Early. In time, the Dreamettes are headlining their own shows.

But the road to success is rocky. Curtis replaces Effie with Deena as both lead singer and lover, provoking Effie to leave the band. Lorrell is having an affair with Jimmy, who turns to drugs as his star falls.

But the three women started singing together when they were twelve - they've got history. They've also got fight left in them. So when Curtis schemes to stop Effie's comeback, they've had enough.

Betrayal, Beyonce, and... other people and performances that don't fit into alliteration. It all adds up to a great movie and a great reason to come to the Capri!