The Jerk

Roxy, Jr.


Film Info
Series:Shakedown 1979
Run Time:94 min
Release Year:1979
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Carl Reiner
Cast Members:Steve Martin, Bernadette Peters, M. Emmet Walsh
Writers:Steve Martin, Carl Gottlieb, Michael Elias


1979: The Village People's "YMCA" topped the charts The Voyager spacecraft discovered the rings of Jupiter.  A movie ticket cost $2.50 . . . and the buyers of those tickets enjoyed some amazing movies. This June, The Roxy brings you Shakedown 1979, a celebration of the films turning 40 this year. 

Navin (Steve Martin) believes he was born a poor black child in Mississippi. He is, however, actually white. Upon figuring this out, he heads north to St. Louis to find himself. After landing a job at a gas station, Navin is excited to discover his name printed in the new phone book. This ratification of his existence leads him from one misadventure to another -- as he invents gadgets, dodges bullets, joins the carnival and seeks love in the arms of beautiful Marie (Bernadette Peters).