The White Crow

The White Crow | 127mins |


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Film Info
Release Year:2019
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Oleg Ivenko
Ralph Fiennes
Louis Hofmann
Director:Ralph Fiennes
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Rudolf Nureyev was such a ballet superstar even people outside of ballet knew his name. They also knew he defected from Russia. What most people don't know is how close he came to being caught and sent back to Russia.

Ralph Fiennes' third directorial feature follows Nureyev from the shadows of Russian ballet studios to the bright lights of his multi-country European tour. This, Nureyev knows, is his best chance to defect. Russia knows it, too, and KGB agents trail him everywhere. If he's caught trying to defect, he will be punished. And yet, defecting is his only option.

Part biopic, part history lesson, part intense thriller, The White Crow is simultaneously enlightening, nail-biting, and and entertaining.