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Film Info
Runtime:85 mins
Director:Frank Pavich
Year Released:2014
Production Country:USA

"An unalloyed pleasure." - The Playlist

"A wonderful exploration of what could have been." - Ain't It Cool News

"I don't hope to see a movie at this festival, or all year long, that's as inspiring as Frank Pavich's documentary JODOROWSKY'S DUNE." - Andrew O'Hehir, Salon

This "mind-blowing" doc (Variety) explores the genesis of one of cinema's greatest epics that never was. In 1975, Chilean director Alejandro Jodorowsky, whose films EL TOPO and THE HOLY MOUNTAIN launched and ultimately defined the midnight movie phenomenon, began work on his most ambitious project yet. Starring his own 12 year old son Brontis alongside Orson Welles, Mick Jagger, David Carradine and Salvador Dali, featuring music by Pink Floyd and art by HR Giger, Jodorowsky's adaptation of Frank Herbert's classic sci-fi novel DUNE was poised to change cinema forever.