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Film Info
Runtime:86 mins
Director:Jared Hess
Year Released:2004
Production Country:USA

Celebrate the 10th anniversary of Napoleon Dynamite!

Presented as part of On Iowa! by the Bijou Film Board. Free for UI students and $5 for the general public.

The directorial debut of filmmaker Jared Hess, who also co-wrote the screenplay, NAPOLEON DYNAMITE is an offbeat comedy set in the small Idaho town of Preston. Jon Heder stars in the titular role, a carrot-topped oddball with a decidedly eccentric family that includes his llama-loving, dune-buggy enthusiast grandmother. The story centers on the local high school's race for class president. Using some nontraditional means, Napoleon is determined to help his pal Pedro (Efrem Ramirez) run a winning campaign and defeat popular girl Summer (Haylie Duff). Premiered at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival (Rovi).