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A Woman Captured (Egy no fogsagban)

An unpaid, enslaved and abused servant woman struggles to break free from a tyrannical boss.
Sat, Mar 23 9:15 PM
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Best of Fest

Audience Awards and Jury Award Winners will be announced and awarded during our Best of Fest Awards Show, beginning at 5:30pm on Sunday, March 24th, 2019. Audience Awards FIlms for: Best Feature, Best Narrative Feature, Best Narritive Short, Best Documentary Feature and Best Documentary Short will screen immediately after the Awards Show.
Sun, Mar 24 5:30 PM
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The Biggest Little Farm

Nature is the ultimate drama queen in this gorgeous and inspirational tale of how a couple achieved the impossible when they created a 200-acre sustainable farm.
Sun, Mar 24 10:30 AM
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The Cold Blue - Double Feature

This is a double feature, special presentation with specially invited guests.
Sun, Mar 24 2:30 PM
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Facing the Dragon

Two women in Afghanistan, a journalist and a politician are trying to survive and make change in a place that has been extraordinarily chauvinistic for millennia.
Sat, Mar 23 4:45 PM
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In a small town filled with secrets, a grieving father prepares his three teenage daughters for the Rapture in hopes of reuniting with his deceased wife.
Sun, Mar 24 12:45 PM
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General Magic

The precursor to the iPhone is explored as it unfolded decades ago at tech company General Magic.
Sat, Mar 23 12:00 PM
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The Gospel of Eureka

Love, faith, and civil rights collide in the south as evangelical Christians and drag queens step into the spotlight to explore the meaning of belief through gospel drag shows and passion plays.
Sat, Mar 23 7:30 PM
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Heading Home: The Tale of Team Israel

A team of Jewish baseball players takes on the world in this David-and-Goliath story of Israel’s national baseball team as it competes for the first time in the World Baseball Classic.
Sun, Mar 24 12:30 PM
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In Reality

Ann is consumed by the fantasy of finding true love, but just when she thinks she's got it, she is friend-zoned by the object of her affection.
Sat, Mar 23 8:45 PM
Sun, Mar 24 7:15 PM
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In Your Hands

With the help of La Comtessa (a master piano teacher played by Kristin Scott Thomas), Pierre tries to prepare Mathieu to represent the school in a major music competition.
Sun, Mar 24 3:00 PM
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The Interpreter

Bagel Breakfast beginning at 9:00am and screening of The Interpreter beginning at 10:00am.
Sun, Mar 24 9:00 AM
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The Interpreters

Native Iraqi and Afghani interpreters, who have risked their lives to assist the U.S. Military’s war effort are now considered traitors in their homes countries and are seeking asylum in the US.
Sat, Mar 23 2:45 PM
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Joseph Pulitzer: Voice of the People

Joseph J. Pulitzer, known for the journalism prizes that bear his name, is an inspirational American success stories that takes on even more relevance today.
Sat, Mar 23 2:30 PM
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Little Woods

The strength of sisterhood and the challenges of loyalty are put to the test in this haunting and gorgeously photographed thriller.
Sat, Mar 23 12:15 PM
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Local Shorts

From Washington DC to Ellicott City; from Baltimore to the Eastern Shore: these films showcase the local homegrown talent of this region.
Sun, Mar 24 12:30 PM
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Mothers' Instinct

When a sudden tragedy uproots the lives of two women and their families, they begin to question the closeness of the neighborly relationships they once held so dear.
Sat, Mar 23 6:45 PM
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Mr. Soul!

Eliis Haizlip was Mr. Soul, a pre-cursor to Oprah and Arsenio Hall, and a Black pioneer in entertainment on the heels of the Civil Rights Movement.
Sat, Mar 23 5:00 PM
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Ode to Joy

Librarian Charlie suffers from cataplexy and lives his life void of any strong emotion.
Sat, Mar 23 7:00 PM
Sun, Mar 24 12:30 PM
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Directors & Producers: In the Ring

Directors and Producers must work together, find common ground, and lead their teams on to success. How do creative differences, financial dilemmas, communication skills and artistic vision find a way to be managed? Hear directors and producers from this year’s films share their stories from the trenches of filmmaking.
Sat, Mar 23 12:30 PM
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