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Alive and Kicking_thumb.jpg
Alive and Kicking

Alive and Kicking gives the audience an intimate, insider's view into the culture of the current swing dance world while shedding light on issues facing modern society

Fri, Mar 31 10:30 AM
Sat, Apr 1 5:00 PM
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Joey, an aimless young woman, searches for direction in rural Pennsylvania working odd jobs. A visit to an Army recruiting office appears to provide her a way out, but when she meets Rayna, a rough-and-tumble housewife neglected by her long-haul trucker husband, the promise of that path dissolves in ways neither woman could have imagined.

Fri, Mar 31 9:00 PM
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2017 Features\Bezness As Usual_thumb.jpg
Bezness As Usual

Dutch filmmaker Alex Pitstra is 25 years old when he receives a letter from his father in Tunisia, whom he hasn't seen since his early childhood: the career playboy wants to meet him. As he tentatively pursues a relationship with his estranged family, Alex faces not only cultural misunderstandings, but must also confront his mother's resentment and failed expectations.

Fri, Mar 31 1:00 PM
Sat, Apr 1 10:00 AM
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2017 Features\Check It_thumb.jpg
Check It
As vulnerable gay and transgender youth, they’ve been shot, stabbed, and raped. These 14-22 year old gang members all have rap sheets riddled with assault, armed robbery, and drug dealing charges. Led by an ex-convict named Mo, members of the Check It gang break the cycle of poverty and violence by creating their own clothing label, putting on fashion shows, and working stints as runway models.
Fri, Mar 31 9:45 PM
Sat, Apr 1 7:30 PM
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Dennis Hopper_thumb.jpg
Dennis Hopper: Uneasy Rider

EASY RIDER legend and American iconoclast Dennis Hopper's unflappable veneer belied a man constantly teetering towards his next larger than life incarnation. An influential artist, filmmaker, musician, and eccentric, Hopper's crammed and exorbitant life offers a riveting narrative.

Fri, Mar 31 4:00 PM
Sat, Apr 1 12:00 PM
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Interlude City of a Dead Woman

Set on the otherworldly Greek island Patmos, this story of heartbreak, loss, and faith conveys three emotionally vulnerable travelers through a ritual of penance. Three of the five main characters --- a former opera singer, a priest, and a bullfighter --- have fled to Patmos seeking redemption. The other two, an older British couple, are fugitives of modern life who came here long ago seeking salvation and alternative living. Their interaction will irrevocably affect each other's lives.

Fri, Mar 31 10:30 AM
Sun, Apr 2 5:30 PM
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Next Big Thing_thumb.jpg
The Next Big Thing

Julian's deranged and estranged best friend Chuck shows up with a plan to make Julian famous by filming him 24/7. Unfortunately for Julian, Chuck's real aim is to make a prank show centered on ruining Julian's life. Before long, Julian begins to regret his decision --- but the more humiliating the situation is for Julian, the more voracious his audience becomes.

Fri, Mar 31 7:00 PM
Sat, Apr 1 2:30 PM
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On the Roof_thumb.jpg
Shorts 3: To Be Or Not To Be
Fri, Mar 31 6:30 PM
Sat, Apr 1 9:30 PM
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2017 Features\Stronger Than Bullets_thumb.jpg
Stronger Than Bullets

A defiant music scene erupts amidst the 2011 Libyan revolution to become the voice against tyranny and oppression - but as victory descends into conflict and chaos, the music goes silent. Will the music thrive once again, or will it remain mired in Post-Revolutionary Blues?

Fri, Mar 31 1:30 PM
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