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2017 Features\The Archer_thumb.jpg
The Archer

High school archery champion Lauren Pierce has just landed in a brutal juvenile correctional facility after hospitalizing a boy in self-defense. Alongside Rebecca, her ferocious fellow inmate, Lauren gathers enough evidence of the institution's corruption to close the prison for good. The pair make their escape through the wilderness, pursued by a warden desperate to make sure his secret stays buried.

Fri, Mar 31 5:00 PM
Sat, Apr 1 9:30 PM
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Best of Fest
Sun, Apr 2 5:00 PM
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2017 Features\Chasing Trane_thumb.jpg
Chasing Trane
The life and work of legendary jazz musician John Coltrane, including commentary from Denzel Washington, Carlos Santana, Common, Cornell West, Bill Clinton and others.
Fri, Mar 31 7:15 PM
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2017 Features\Following Seas_thumb.jpg
Following Seas

Bob Griffith sailed into Honolulu Harbor in 1960 and met fellow wanderer Nancy Hirsch. From that moment they were wedded to the sea. Steering their 53-foot cutter Awahnee to places no small boat had been before, they spent decades navigating the relentless pull of family and adventure. This is not only a story of world records and sailing feats, but of a family who made the sacrifices their dream demanded.

Sun, Apr 2 10:00 AM
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2017 Features\Gaza Surf Club_thumb.jpg
Gaza Surf Club

Locked between Egypt and Israel with slim opportunities for escape, a new generation of Gaza?s youth are drawn to the beaches. Sick of political gridlock, armed with makeshift surfboards, they find personal freedom and new ambitions in the waves of the Mediterranean.

Fri, Mar 31 3:00 PM
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ISLAND AND THE WHALES, THE_image3_thumb.jpg
The Islands and the Whales
The whale hunters of the Faroe Islands believe that hunting is vital to their way of life. When a local professor makes a grim discovery about the effects of marine pollution on skyrocketing mercury levels in the whale meat, environmental changes threaten their way of life forever.
Fri, Mar 31 12:30 PM
Sun, Apr 2 12:30 PM
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2017 Features\Katie Says Goodbye_thumb.jpg
Katie Says Goodbye
A kindhearted seventeen-year-old in the American Southwest turns to prostitution to fulfill her dream of a new life in San Francisco.
Fri, Mar 31 7:00 PM
Sun, Apr 2 2:30 PM
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2017 Features\LBJ_thumb.jpg

The story of U.S. President Lyndon Baines Johnson from his young days in West Texas to the White House.

Thu, Mar 30 7:30 PM
Sun, Apr 2 7:00 PM
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