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17 Features\queculpa1_thumb.jpg
¿Qué culpa tiene el niño?
Maru (Karla Souza) is a successful executive who ends up sharing a passionate night with an aimless 21-year-old. Several weeks later, Maru finds out she is pregnant and the two must put aside their differences and begin planning for their future.
Wed, Mar 22 9:00 PM
Fri, Mar 24 5:15 PM
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¿Y los tamales?
In this hilarious Honduran comedy by local producer Monika Tuncbilek, a cab driver is tasked by his wife with picking up tamales for Christmas Eve. En route, he picks up a diverse array of characters, including a “Bad Santa” and a thief, resulting in an evening unlike any other.
Sun, Mar 26 11:00 AM
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An emergency dispatcher finds herself in the middle of a life or death situation on Christmas Eve.
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17 Features\19741_thumb.jpg
Newlyweds Altair and Manuel disappear in 1974. Their 8mm tapes reveal the horrifying events the couple endure after Altair claims to have found a way of communicating with God by building a black brick door in their bedroom.
Fri, Mar 24 10:00 PM
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24° 51' Latitud Norte
After eleven years of absence, Ernesto returns to his hometown and meets up with his most intimate childhood friends. They steal an abandoned boat for fun and, in the middle of anecdotes and blurred memories from the past, Ernesto finds himself bound to a place and a life that he taught he had forgotten.
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Aire quemado
In a half-urbanized community in the Mexican tropics, Santiago, Antonio, and Miguel are having a fun afternoon, sharing jokes, pranks, and dreams as they straddle the boundary between childhood and adult life.
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Al final del tunel
A paraplegic computer engineer discovers that his neighbors are digging a tunnel to rob the bank next to his apartment. When he realizes the woman renting the spare bedroom in his apartment is one of their accomplices, he begins to understand the danger in which he finds himself.
Sat, Mar 25 8:35 PM
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17 Features\alba1_thumb.jpg
Following the hospitalization of her mother, 11-year old Alba must move in with her father, a man she hardly knows. As Alba learns about her new surroundings, she and her father must overcome their introverted natures to form an authentic bond. Viva Mujeres Showcase.
Sun, Mar 26 8:15 PM
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17 Features\elalien1_thumb.jpg
El alien y yo
A punk band hires a keyboard player with Down syndrome to improve their sound. Soon after the band reaches the top of the music scene, jealousy threatens to tear them apart. Mexico Today Showcase.
Fri, Mar 24 8:20 PM
Sun, Mar 26 1:10 PM
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