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Don't Call Me Son
Tall, dark, androgynously handsome, Pierre wears eyeliner and a black lace g-string, and has sex with both boys and girls. Things get only more complicated when the teenager’s single, working-class mom is arrested for having stolen him at birth. Pierre is returned to his biological parents: bourgeois, straight-laced, and thrilled to have him back- until he shows up in a zebra-print mini dress. The turmoil of adolescence is plumbed with wit and compassion by writer/director Anna Muylaert.
Fri, Mar 24 8:40 PM
Sat, Mar 25 8:05 PM
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Etiqueta no rigurosa
Victor and Fernando run a beauty salon in Baja California. For many of their customers, they were a lovely couple, until they decided to marry. They become the first ones in their state to fight for their rights in a place filled with homophobia and inequality. Through their struggle, they manage to open the eyes of Mexican society and affirm a love that fills every frame of this moving and eye opening new film.
Sun, Mar 26 5:50 PM
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Memories of a Penitent Heart
Combining recently discovered home movies, video, and written documents, Memories of a Penitent Heart cracks open a Pandora’s box of unresolved family drama. Originating in Cecilia Aldarondo’s suspicion that there was something awry in her family’s past, the film charts her excavation of the buried conflict surrounding her uncle Miguel’s death. This cautionary tale about the unresolved conflicts wrought by AIDS is a nuanced exploration of how faith is used and abused in times of crisis.
Sat, Mar 25 11:45 AM
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The Southwest of Salem: The Story of the San Antonio Four
The story of four Latina lesbians who, in 1994, were wrongfully convicted of raping two young girls. Southwest of Salem documents the bizarre allegations made against the women during a period of rampant homophobia and hysteria, the faulty forensic science used to convict them, and the failure of the justice system to exonerate them long after the charges were shown to be false. Cine Gay Showcase.
Sat, Mar 25 1:20 PM
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