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Cinema Novo
Cinema Novo combines film clips with interviews and behind-the-scenes footage to capture the revolutionary spirit of the 1960’s film movement that changed Brazilian filmmaking forever.
Sun, Mar 26 1:15 PM
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The life of Brazilian singer Elis Regina, who battled her country’s dictatorship and her own personal demons to become the greatest singer in the history of Brazil.
Sat, Mar 25 5:00 PM
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Jules and Dolores
In an attempt to pay off his gambling debt and pacify his flamboyant girlfriend, Dolores, fun-loving Peralta and his happy-go-lucky buddy, Borracha, decide to steal a golden replica of the legendary Jules Rimet soccer World Cup trophy. However, they end up stealing the original trophy, putting the entire country on high alert and on their tail.
Sun, Mar 26 4:55 PM
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Where I Grow Old
Francisca is a young Portuguese woman who’s been living in Belo Horizonte, Brazil for a year. She welcomes Teresa, an old friend from Portugal, into her home. The film follows each woman’s adventures in the city and the deep friendship that grows between them, forcing them to deal with conflicting desires: Francisca’s longing for her former life in Portugal, and Teresa’s commitment to making Belo Horizonte home.
Fri, Mar 24 5:45 PM
Sun, Mar 26 7:30 PM
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