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Entonces Nosotros
In this heartfelt romantic comedy, a couple decides to go on a trip to mend their relationship after a misunderstanding threatens to tear them apart for good. An unexpected friend decides to tag along, complicating their chances of reconciliation.
Sun, Mar 26 9:45 PM
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Locos de amor
In Peru’s blockbuster musical hit, four cousins face various hardships that life puts in their way: love, heartache, infidelity, divorce, and endless tragicomic adventures, all to the tune of popular songs from Ana Gabriel, Marco Antonio Solís, and Camilo Sesto, among many others. El Corazón Showcase.
Sat, Mar 25 9:30 PM
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Una noche de amor
After 12 years of marriage, Leonel and Paola are in dire need of a romantic spark and decide to go on a date. Throughout the evening, they experience a series of misunderstandings and mishaps that force them to address some serious questions about their marriage.
Sun, Mar 26 5:30 PM
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