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17 Features\elalien1_thumb.jpg
El alien y yo
A punk band hires a keyboard player with Down syndrome to improve their sound. Soon after the band reaches the top of the music scene, jealousy threatens to tear them apart. Mexico Today Showcase.
Sun, Mar 26 1:10 PM
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17 Features\lacarga1_thumb.jpg
La carga
In this historical epic set at the end of the 16th century, a Tameme Indian and a woman from the Spanish nobility embark on an epic journey in search of justice. During their travels, the intense nature of their relationship develops into an unshakeable bond in this adventure story filled with action and romance. Mexico Today Showcase.
Sun, Mar 26 7:45 PM
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17 Features\diaseis1_thumb.jpg
Día seis
Carmen is caught between the love she feels for Pablo and the relationship she has with Joaquín. When she unexpectedly falls ill, Carmen decides to take a trip with one of them, altering their lives forever. Mexico Today Showcase.
Sat, Mar 25 5:45 PM
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La habitación
In this anthology film, eight directors capture 100 years of Mexican history through the eyes of those who have occupied the same room at different time periods. This unforgettable film features segments directed by Daniel Giménez Cacho and Carlos Carrera with amazing performances from Sofia Espinoza, Noe Hernández, and Osvaldo de León. Mexico Today Showcase.
Sun, Mar 26 4:00 PM
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Mexico raro y querido
Mexico’s next wave of vital filmmakers provide this compilation of riveting and emotionally provocative shorts.
Sun, Mar 26 3:10 PM
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17 Features\todo1_thumb.jpg
Todo lo demas
Doña Flor is a bureaucrat. It is in everything she is: her nondescript beige blouse, practical heels, and knee-length skirts. For over three decades, she has waited on frustrated and indignant citizens to whom she is nothing but an invisible, lifeless servant. Returning each evening to her cat and solitary apartment, Doña Flor makes obsessive lists of the people she waited on during the day. Inspired by Hannah Arendt’s idea that bureaucracy is one of the worst forms of violence, Todo lo demás explores the interior life of Doña Flor as she attempts to resurface.
Sun, Mar 26 6:45 PM
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