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2017 Festival Images\ANarrativeFilm_FIC1_March21_thumb.jpg
A Narrative Film
 (8 min)

The most narrative narrative never narrated. It has a beginning, a middle, and an end. It is at once both a three-act assault on the conceit of the traditional narrative, and also perhaps, a futile attempt to escape the narrative impulse of cinema.

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2017 Festival Images\Betwixt_FIC8_March25_thumb.jpg
 (5 min)
Found adventures and forgotten homes in between dreams of departures and arrivals.
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Cranky Shows: Low-Tech, High Entertainment Paper Theatre
Sat, Mar 25 1:00 PM (120 min)

A group of four cranky shows with brief introductions, the shows are hand painted paper scrolls that either tell a story or have a music accompaniment of some kind. The shows are: "Everything in moderation, all at once," a seemingly endless chain of stream of consciousness drawings accompanied by an improvised vocal cacophony; "Rattlesnake Mountain," an illustrated ozark folk song; "Surprise, Surprise, you haven't seen everything yet," a comical cartoon series with musical accompaniment; and "Factory Sacrifice," an illustrated poem by Milwaukee's former poet laureate performed to Prokofiev.

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2017 Festival Images\EstrangedMelodyforaHolographicEmpire_FIC8_March25_thumb.jpg
Estranged Melody for a Holographic Empire
 (3 min)

An ode would be too sweet for this lyric. Do not look to the surface, nor to the noise: the empire of illusion dwells within you. Many-headed like the Hydra, the whole of Leviathan may proceed from any part.

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2017 Festival Images\SpringJam_FIC8_March25_thumb.jpg
Films in Competition 8: Almost All Ages
Sat, Mar 25 11:00 AM (75 min)
Twelve family-friendly narrative, documentary, experimental, and animated films. Features a young stag who seeks to improvise sweet music, organic forms that shift and undulate, the evolutionary life of an organism, a girl seeking her identity in the woods of the Pacific Northwest, abstractions of form and color, found adventures and forgotten homes, a re-imagination of a common brick's utilitarian form, animated shapes and textures that dance together, a woman who impulsively steals a goat from a petting zoo and more.
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2017 Festival Images\Iterations_FIC13_March25_thumb.jpg
 (3 min)
Iterations is an abstract iterative loop with changing timeframes. The first loop is 12 frames, the second is 48 and the third is 96. Shapes and lines overlap and affect each other across these loops, culminating in an 8-second loop that retains the flowing qualities associated with straight-ahead full animation with a complexity of movement impossible to achieve through a standard straight-ahead technique.
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2017 Festival Images\LAKEDOLL_FIC8_March25_thumb.jpg
 (4 min)

In "Lakedoll," a girl seeks out her identity amidst various submerged and buried talismans in the the woods of the Pacific Northwest. Shot above-ground and underwater, the film combines hand-painted animation and live action to follow its protagonist into the interior of the forest and her own imagination.

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Mustard Seeds
 (6 min)

Organic forms, shifting and undulating in planar and spatial environments, transform through an alchemical process to become unbounded by space and time.

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